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Bacon Wednesday: Bacon and Pepper-Jack Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Bacon and Pepper-Jack Stuffed Crescent RollsBetsy does not cook so you should take a look at these spectacular bacon and cheese stuffed crescent rolls and be extremely impressed.

Betsy volunteered to provide an offering for Bacon Wednesday this week and found the perfect recipe on Pinterest (where all interesting things live). It only has three ingredients – cooked bacon,  Monterrey Jack cheese and crescent rolls.

Betsy threw caution to the winds and added sliced cherry tomatoes for a splash of color and because she can now say she ate her vegetables today. I can report to you that they’re super yummy and easy to make. The recipe comes from a blog called The Food Charlatan. Here’s the link to the recipe. Happy Bacon Wednesday!


Cherry tomato and basil pasta

The community garden at CRC World Headquarters has yielded an embarrassing bumper crop of tomatoes, which came in handy today because it’s the first of two days of CRC’s giant school supply giveaway.

Every year, we get extreme at-risk kids back to school ready for success with school supplies, personal hygiene products, socks and clothing. It’s one of our happiest times of the year because Betsy and I cannot stand the thought of a child returning to school, looking to the left or right and seeing other children with new backpacks, crayons and notebooks while he or she sits there empty handed. So we provide about 600 children with what they need to start the year right.

So you are rightly wondering just about now what the school supply giveaway has to do with cherry tomato and basil pasta. Well, nothing. Except we can’t leave for lunch on giveaway days and today I brought some leftover spaghetti and adorned it with cherry tomatoes, basil, pepper and Parmesan cheese. Betsy noted that it looked very pretty and healthy (which is good because I over-indulged  on fried chicken this weekend) and so I snapped a photo of it.

Here you go.

I started out with pasta and butter. Topped it with the raw cherry tomatoes and popped it in the microwave for about 1 minute, 30 seconds. Then I topped it with shredded basil (also from the garden), pepper and Parmesan cheese. Done. And delicious.

More about the school supply giveaway tomorrow because I really do need to ram some relevant information down your throats rather than coddling you with recipes for cherry tomatoes and Bacon Wednesdays.


Tomato blight

Does anyone know what did this to my cherry tomatoes?

So the vegetable garden at CRC World Headquarters is going pretty well, although I learn something every year. This year I learned that a tiny tomato plant in April becomes a giant tomato plant by July. I planted them too close together and now they are overtaking everything else. The poor basil plant is fighting for its life as the tomato vines spread out. A pepper plant is all but obscured by fuzzy tomato leaves.

So look at the photo above. Can anyone tell me what this is? Too much sun (definitely a problem right now!)? Dog peed on the tomatoes? What?

By the way, I pulled up the mutant crookneck squash plant. It was producing very gnarly looking, non-appetizing squash nubbins and just the one plant was crowding out my baby watermelons. It hurts to kill a plant but it had to be done.

The whole idea for the garden, by the way, is to feed passersby who may not have access to fresh vegetables. And the Chicks. We need our vegetables, too.