Give Us Stuff (And Money)

Want to give us stuff to give away? We usually deal in bulk.  We’ll take 10,000 plastic cups or 500 office chairs. But don’t bring us dirty clothes or knick-knacks that belonged to your old Aunt Patsy who suddenly died. We don’t do junk. If you wouldn’t give it to your child or mother, we don’t want it.

We’d love money. We use it to buy merchandise at a wholesale liquidator for pennies on the dollar. We get new heavyweight t-shirts for 40 cents each.  Such a deal! To donate some cold hard cash, visit and click on “donate”.


10 thoughts on “Give Us Stuff (And Money)

  1. I have 2 office desks & credenza that matches 1. I would like to donate them if someone could pick them up.

  2. Our home’s first floor in Bellevue was flooded. The first floor was gutted and as the result we will be replacing living room furniture, entertainment “stuff”-(T.V.) and a kitchen table/chairs and a desk. We are in repair mode at this time.

    1. Teresa,

      I love the fact that you’re looking forward! While our warehouse was important to us, it’s nothing like seeing your home and things you’ve worked hard to have ruined. I wish you the best of luck! We’re trying to get to get a space to accept furniture donations. Stay tuned!

      Also – Please be careful not to do any construction until you’re sure everything down to the studs is dry. There are some that have had to gut their homes twice because they rebuilt too soon.

  3. What items are needed at the warehouse now? Last time I took things in, I was told Baby items and Senior items. Are those kind of donations still needed.

    1. Yes, we are completely out of diapers and senior Depends. We’re also in desperate need of those paper masks you wear for construction purposes. Thanks for asking. Catherine

  4. I have collected some more money from our Internet Car Club, TBN, and would like to know what is needed now. Last time, you told me femine products. Are those items still needed, if so what specifically?

    1. Hi, Jeannie. We are always in need of those basics but we are beginning the recovery phase and are in desperate need of building supplies such as nails, hammers, saws, tape measures, paint rollers, etc. Thanks for your continued support. Catherine

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