crc logo_color (2)The name’s not catchy, but the mission is. The Community Resource Center provides basic household necessities to other nonprofit agencies in Middle Tennessee and their clients. We have everything from toothbrushes to couches, soap and shampoo to shower curtains. All the personal hygiene products are new; the larger items are gently used and donated in bulk by corporations. We serve a diverse group of clients including the homeless, the mentally and physically challenged, victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, disadvantaged seniors and others in desperate need.

Our nonprofit partners include large charities such as Catholic Charities, World Relief, the Campus for Human Development, Alive Hospice and Fifty Forward. But we also have a lot of “mom and pop” partners, nonprofit agencies that exist on a wing, a prayer and help from the Community Resource Center. In all, more than 80 nonprofits in Middle Tennessee partner with CRC for the benefit of their clients.

Last year, CRC gave away more than $1 million in donated goods, not only helping our most fragile citizens but also keeping perfectly good surplus inventory out of landfills and dumps. We are tickled pink that we are so green.


8 thoughts on “CRC

  1. CRC as been the “BEST” ! Our organiztion works with families that live an deal with Autism on a daily basis. Ofter our families are struggling with social entrapment, depression and just an overwhelming feeling that very few people care about them. When we are able to give a simple gift of hand soap to a warm blanket to them, their faces light up…I cannot wait until our Family Christmas Event. I will forward pictures of the smiles. But I just want to give a “Big Shout Out” Thank you to the “Two Chicks In A Warehouse”. You Ladies Rock !
    Leta Frame
    Bedford County Association for Exceptional Students
    Parents ACT~Autism Changes Time

  2. hello, i did make it down to the area from Owensboro, ky with my family to volunteer at Thriftsmart. Your warehouse was closed and i tried several churches and other places to leave the cleaning supplies that my friends and i collected, but it was saturday and EVERY where we stopped or called was closed. (i had to laugh or i’d cry) Then, as i stood frazzled i noticed the joint across the street from the storage units…….Brent was so kind to help us carry all the stuff from my car to his and he said he would get it to you. Hope it helps.

  3. i contacted 211 on dec.22,and got the number to contact two chicks for furniture, i am also a flood victum. i was told that they do not have furniture there. i have my home finished but have no money for furniture,so i will not be home for christmas, first time in 53 yeaers that i will not be home for christmas. so if there is somehow i can get furniture there i wish someone would contact me at 691-4491.the only thing i want is to get back home because i have a daughter that also lives with me and all she whats is to go back home,so if they do have furniture please call me.

    1. I’m sorry if this process has been frustrating. You all have been through so much. You need to contact a Restore the Dream Center through United Way. They have case workers who can help you with a survey about your needs. The survey then comes to CRC. If you have any more problems connecting, please send us a message.

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