I’m just sayin’

So I’m on my way to the warehouse this morning, on I-65, and the digital sign over the interstate says this: Air Quality Alert/Consider Carpooling.

Really? Everyone who is reading that sign is already in their car. Probably alone. How are we supposed to carpool?

Isn’t there a better way to inform the citizenry of poor air quality and carpooling requests? When my son was in Williamson County public schools, officials would send an automated phone message when school was closing because of inclement weather. Couldn’t the same thing work for other alerts? That would presume that Davidson County communicates with other counties, which might be a stretch.

I realize this is not an earth-shattering problem, but it seems a little silly to spend government money advertising something that cannot be accomplished.





About CRC Nashville

Who are we? We are literally two chicks - Catherine Mayhew and Betsy Everett, and a warehouse - the Community Resource Center (CRC). In short, CRC is a non-profit organization that provides household goods, furniture, and appliances to people in desperate need. Think of us as Robin Hoods – without the stealing. Catherine is a former journalist and Betsy is a marketing chick. We are both devoted to acquiring stuff – good stuff, no junk – because that’s what our most fragile citizens deserve. If you have metal desks, televisions that don’t work or underwear you don’t want anymore, don’t give it to us. We’ll sneer at you. If you are companies that have excess primo stuff like furniture in good condition, school supplies, personal hygiene items or pretty much anything else, we’ll be your new best friends. For more information: www.crcnashville.org Fan, Follow, and Friend CRC or Join our Cause CRCNashville - Twitter Community Resource Center - Facebook and Myspace Community Resource Center (CRC) - Facebook Cause

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