Betsy and her hats

Betsy’s going to kill me, but I was going through some digital photos just now and a recurring theme struck me. Betsy loves hats. Too much, I fear.

We have, on occasion at CRC, boxes of donations of new items that must be inventoried. This is Betsy’s happiest moment. Inventory. It requires organization and precision, two of her best qualities. And in these donations, on occasion, are hats. Some of them are hats that you would wear to a lovely outdoor social event. Some are funny hats that play tunes or talk. She especially likes those. She will put them on her head without a second thought. This is a woman who is so fastidious she keeps sanitary wet wipes in her purse at all times. And yet she does not think twice about putting on a hat that may well have already been on multiple heads. Here she is in a birthday hat. It plays Happy Birthday and the candles light up. How perfect is that?

Oyster Easter is coming up on April 23 and Betsy is especially on the look-out right now for hats that involve bunny ears or chicks. It will not matter how unwieldy the hat is or how precariously it sits on her head. If it makes noises, so much the better.

Should you want to see Betsy in one of her hats, get your tickets to Oyster Easter here. I promise you it will be worth the price of admission.


About CRC Nashville

Who are we? We are literally two chicks - Catherine Mayhew and Betsy Everett, and a warehouse - the Community Resource Center (CRC). In short, CRC is a non-profit organization that provides household goods, furniture, and appliances to people in desperate need. Think of us as Robin Hoods – without the stealing. Catherine is a former journalist and Betsy is a marketing chick. We are both devoted to acquiring stuff – good stuff, no junk – because that’s what our most fragile citizens deserve. If you have metal desks, televisions that don’t work or underwear you don’t want anymore, don’t give it to us. We’ll sneer at you. If you are companies that have excess primo stuff like furniture in good condition, school supplies, personal hygiene items or pretty much anything else, we’ll be your new best friends. For more information: Fan, Follow, and Friend CRC or Join our Cause CRCNashville - Twitter Community Resource Center - Facebook and Myspace Community Resource Center (CRC) - Facebook Cause

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