Almost home

Blinds. We are just waiting for the blinds to arrive and then we can move in the furniture and get back to business at the CRC warehouse. We are slightly concerned…no, strike that…I am slightly concerned that I will not know how to operate all the fancy new systems for the lights and heat and such. Heck, when we had the new front door installed I couldn’t even figure out how to open it. I had to call the man I now refer to as Poor Andrew, the contractor (As in, “Poor Andrew, has to come all the way across town to help the dimwit open the door.”)

We also have new paint on the outside of the building, a shade I like to think of as Urban Chic just because I prefer to think of CRC that way now. Please note our sassy new wheelchair accessible ramp leading up to the front door that I cannot open. This is for all who need such assistance, of course, but we are calling in the Kirstin ramp because she can now come through the front door rather than being wheeled in through the warehouse dock door. An immense improvement. Betsy is threatening to paint it pink because Kirsten’s such a girlie girl.

We still have trellises to install in between the windows. The plan is to plant climbing vegetables such as beans and cherry tomatoes that can be easily plucked by anyone who passes by the building but especially by those who  might need some healthy snacks.

So, soon. Soon we’ll be in our new all-up-to-codes place. I think this is the first time in CRC’s history that there won’t be cracks in the pipes to patch,  sparks emanating  from faulty outlets or air filters to access by standing on someone’s occupied desk. Heck, we don’t even have to turn on the lights in the new place. They come on by themselves. Which is a good thing. If I can’t even figure out how to open the front door, turning on the lights would prove too great a challenge.


About CRC Nashville

Who are we? We are literally two chicks - Catherine Mayhew and Betsy Everett, and a warehouse - the Community Resource Center (CRC). In short, CRC is a non-profit organization that provides household goods, furniture, and appliances to people in desperate need. Think of us as Robin Hoods – without the stealing. Catherine is a former journalist and Betsy is a marketing chick. We are both devoted to acquiring stuff – good stuff, no junk – because that’s what our most fragile citizens deserve. If you have metal desks, televisions that don’t work or underwear you don’t want anymore, don’t give it to us. We’ll sneer at you. If you are companies that have excess primo stuff like furniture in good condition, school supplies, personal hygiene items or pretty much anything else, we’ll be your new best friends. For more information: Fan, Follow, and Friend CRC or Join our Cause CRCNashville - Twitter Community Resource Center - Facebook and Myspace Community Resource Center (CRC) - Facebook Cause

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