Pico speaks of heat and denial

As the official warehouse dog at the Community Resource Center, I am sure you do not understand that I listen to every conversation you girls have. Most of the time, of course, it’s very complementary…especially to me. However, I must say, Mrs. Mayhew, that I did not take kindly to the fact that you tried to freeze my human to death by denying her the use of a space heater.

Oh, I know you remember this. You remember trying to deny Kim and Betsy the use of a $39 space heater. And I know they conspired against you and your Principle of Discomfort, that a $39 space heater in a 90,000-square-foot warehouse was not going to thaw out their frozen digits. But yesterday I saw you edge toward that space heater. I saw you, if only for a second, briefly reconsidering your intractable stance on providing a shred of comfort to those girls.

And that is why I had to step in. I had to step in to challenge your Principle of Discomfort by warming up. You see, I am perfectly sized to gain the maximum amount of comfort from a $39 space heater. It’s practically a sauna to me. Am I looking at you with a slight suggestion of superiority? Yes. Yes, I am. Because I am a tiny dog with a big attitude. And you are getting no where near my space heater.

Now go back to whatever you were doing. Give away a mattress or something. Pico


About CRC Nashville

Who are we? We are literally two chicks - Catherine Mayhew and Betsy Everett, and a warehouse - the Community Resource Center (CRC). In short, CRC is a non-profit organization that provides household goods, furniture, and appliances to people in desperate need. Think of us as Robin Hoods – without the stealing. Catherine is a former journalist and Betsy is a marketing chick. We are both devoted to acquiring stuff – good stuff, no junk – because that’s what our most fragile citizens deserve. If you have metal desks, televisions that don’t work or underwear you don’t want anymore, don’t give it to us. We’ll sneer at you. If you are companies that have excess primo stuff like furniture in good condition, school supplies, personal hygiene items or pretty much anything else, we’ll be your new best friends. For more information: www.crcnashville.org Fan, Follow, and Friend CRC or Join our Cause CRCNashville - Twitter Community Resource Center - Facebook and Myspace Community Resource Center (CRC) - Facebook Cause

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